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Our keynote speaker will be David H. Klaus, the respected authority on the TIDAL WAVE operation.  He’ll separate fact from fiction as he details the background, planning, execution, and aftermath of the mission that resulted in five heroes earning the Medal of Honor in a 20-minute period.  No “revisionist history,” his 25+ years researching recently declassified evidence in the US, Romania, and Germany proves, among other stunning revelations, the mission was significantly more successful than ever reported.

Retired USAF officer Dave Klaus is well known in the modeling and aviation historical communities.  After a career in the Strategic Air Command, R&D engineering, and Air Force headquarters, he retired to start a modeling-related company.  From there he started several other successful small businesses and went on to consult and advise other small business owners to greater personal & business success.  Today he continues to consult, but spends most of his professional time as a military aviation historian.



The untold story of the Ploesti attack.

TIDAL WAVE!  The mere name evokes dramatic images of tremendous heroism, American B-24 Liberator bombers bombing at treetop level through intense smoke, flames, point-blank Flak, tenacious fighter attacks, and exploding oil refineries at Ploesti, Romania, on August 1st, 1943.

This most famous mission has been widely reported, but most often misreported.  Historians and casual writers have called this low level attack on the oil refineries ambitious, daring, heroic, disastrous, foolhardy, and most recently, a strategic disaster.

Therefore, General Leon W. Johnson (who earned the Medal of Honor at Ploesti) in 1985 charged our speaker, David H. Klaus, to “tell the true story of Ploesti”.

Now, after 25+ years of deep research in recently declassified archives in the US, Romania, and Germany, Dave will separate fact from fiction as he details the background, planning, execution, and aftermath of this most famous mission.   Among other stunning revelations, he’ll show us how the mission was significantly more successful than ever reported, and how the Army Air Forces’ official cover-up led to so much misreporting in the intervening 75 years.

Above all, we must never forget the breathtaking bravery of all the men who attacked on that most dangerous day more than 75 years ago.


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