How does it work?

Contestants may choose the division they feel is appropriate for their skill level, age, and other factors, as described below

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Open Division:

This division is open to all modelers who are comfortable competing with highly skilled and experienced modelers. Modelers in Open Division will enter each of their entries in one of 13 categories, listed below.  The model receiving the most votes in each category will compete against other category winners for a chance to win the Big Eagle Award.


1. Military Vehicles – Fully Tracked – All Scales
2. Military Vehicles – Non-Fully Tracked – All Scales
3. Propeller Aircraft – Including Helicopters – All Scales
4. Jet Aircraft – All Scales
5. Small Figures – 70mm and smaller
6. Large Figures – 71mm and larger
7. Dioramas/Vignettes—All Scales- All Sizes
8. Ships, Boats, and other Watercraft – All Scales
9. Wheeled Vehicles Civilian– Non-Racing – Cars/Trucks, Motorcycles – All Scales
10. Wheeled Vehicles Civilian– Racing – Cars/Trucks, Motorcycles – All Scales
11. Science Fiction/Fantasy – Space Ships, Robots, etc. – All Scales
12. Miscellaneous – Monsters, Dinosaurs, etc. – All Scales
13. Out-of-the-Box – All Subjects – All Scales


This division is open only those 17 years old and younger, who wish to compete with younger modelers.   Youth Division models are placed in a single category.  Models are all judged against one another, ships, planes, etc.


This division is open to all modelers who are comfortable competing with modelers at a beginning skill level. .  Basic Division models are placed in one of five categories:  1. Military Vehicles, 2. Aircraft, 3. Figures, 4. Dioramas, 5. Miscellaneous.  The model receiving the most votes in each category will compete against the other four category winners for a special eagle award.


This division is open to all modelers who are comfortable competing with modelers of intermediate skill.  Intermediate Division models are placed in a single category.  Models are all judged against one another, ships, planes, etc.


This division is only open to entrants who are past Big Eagle winners at Eagle Quest or Mastercon.
The model winning in this category does not advance to run-off for the Big Eagle Award.

Every model is also eligible for other special awards, including Theme Award, Squadron Award (Best Scratch Build Entry), Squadron Creations Award (for best use of Squadron Product) and many others special awards such as Best Camouflage Award and others! Stay tuned for more details coming soon.

The  Awards –

In each category, gold, silver, and bronze medals are awarded.   Additionally,  there are five special awards,  given to the Best Theme Entry (Our theme this year is “75th Anniversary of D-Dayas voted upon by last years participants), Best Squadron Creations Award (best use of a Squadron Product), The Squadron Award (best scratch-built entry), Best Camouflage Award (best camouflage finish on any entry), and the People’s Choice Award (voted on by all contestants with all models in consideration).  All models in all categories are eligible for these five special awards.

Sponsored Awards –

  • Best Model featuring a HobbyBoss kit. 
  • Best Model featuring a Trumpeter kit.

Winners chosen by representatives of the manufacturer and or by Squadron.

EagleQuest also has distinctive small eagle awards that are presented to the top vote getters in many categories.  For example, the model receiving the most votes in the Intermediate, Junior, and Mastersdivisions, will receive a special small eagle trophy.  In Basic Division, the 5 category winners will compete in a run-off, side –by-side, voted on by all modeler entrants at the awards banquet, to determine the recipient of the special small eagle trophy for the best Basic Division entry.

Finally, in open division only, the top vote getters in nine classifications, listed below will receive small eagle trophies.  After receiving these special small eagle trophies, they will compete for the Big Eagle Award, again to be voted on by all model entrants.

The nine special open division small eagle awards will be given to the Best Military Vehicle, the Best Aircraft, the Best Figure, the Best Diorama, the Best Ship/Boat, the Best Civilian Vehicle, the Best Space/Sci Fi entry, the Best Miscellaneous entry, and the Best Out-Of-The-Box entry.

In areas where two categories must compete for the “Best of” trophy, they will be voted on, by the model contestants, side-by-side.  For example, the top vote-getter in category #1, Military Vehicles – Fully Tracked will compete against the winner of category #2, Military Vehicles – Non-fully tracked for the Best Military Vehicle.  The Prop Aircraft winner will compete against the Jet Aircraft winner to determine the Best Aircraft, etc.

At the end of the awards banquet, these nine small eagle winners will be evaluated by all model entrants in a walk-through vote, with the nine models side-by-side.

The Voting Process –

There are many voting systems   throughout the world.  Some contests rely on several individuals to judge different categories.  Some contests have everybody voting for a single most popular model out of all entries.    Some contests have very technical evaluation standards; others have more subjective guides.  EagleQuest has all the model entrants vote for their favorite models in each category.      Everything else, each category, each special award, and the overall Big Eagle Winner, is based on the popular vote of those entering models in the contest.  Entrants are provided a ballot so they can vote for up to three of their favorite models in each category and a single model for the 5 special awards.  These special awards were described above.

During the 27-year history of this contest, there has been an honor code norm that prohibits entrants from voting for their own models, but most folks would not do that anyway, right?

Here is an overview of the 3-STEP voting process:

STEP ONE:  On Saturday morning, entrants will have two hours to fill out their selections on  a pre-printed ballot, provided in the registration packet.  Some folks start evaluating models on Friday.  At the awards banquet, there will be two run-off competitions, voted on by all model entrants.

STEP TWO:  At the awards banquet, there will be an initial walk-through vote to determine several Best Of category winners.  This only happens  when there are two potential winners of that Best Of category.  For example, the top propeller and top jet entries will compete for Best Aircraft.   The top vote getters for large and small figure compete,  side-by-side,  for Best Figure, etc.   When there is only a single category, like Dioramas, Miscellaneous, or others, those models will advance directly to the final round of voting for the Big Eagle.

STEP THREE:  Then, all nine open division Best of Category” model winners are placed on a table, side-by-side.  Model contestants pass before the table and vote one last time for the coveted Big Eagle Award.  A champion will be crowned!   This Big Eagle trophy is among the most iconic and impressive awards presented in modeling completions.  It is amazing!

 The Entry Requirements -

Entering the contest is simple:  The only requirements are you must be a Squadron customer who has purchased within the last 12 months and you must pay the event entry fee.  Squadron customers may enter as many models as they wish. Winning entries from prior EagleQuest/Mastercon events are not eligible.

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